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My site offers the widest range of search opportunities when you begin to look for a new home. Start with my "Enhanced Listings" to get a taste of some of the top properties I have in my personal database. Then search our local Multiple Listings Service ( to view homes for sale by all real estate agents. Or, broaden your scope even more, and explore possibilities throughout Canada - click on the national MLS search to find homes for sale throughout the country!

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Whatever search option you explore, let me help you navigate. If you find a home that seems like a fit for you, simply enter the MLS# into the box provided, fill out your contact info and let me do the rest. I'll be in touch shortly with more information and schedule a tour of the home if you wish. I'll help you every step of the way!

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For 10 years I have been focused on providing my clients with extraordinary customer service. My keen ability to listen to, empathize with, and understand my clients needs and wants have proven to be the key to my success in establishing outstanding relationships and delivering quality service and solutions. My strong communication & negotiation skills have made me a very effective advocate for my clients. I regularly exceed expectations and always strive to deliver very positive results.

Throughout my career I continue to dedicate myself to ongoing personal development, training, education and real “hands-on” practical experience in the areas of sales, marketing, management and deal negotiation.

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